Michael Miller


I started working around surfboards in 1998 at Joe Roper Surfboard repairs. There I learned all of the basics of surfboard construction from start to finish. I worked for Joe for five years doing repairs and glassing new shapes from other shapers for Joe. It was a good experience working for Joe. Being able to fix your mistakes is a huge asset to me even today. After Joes I worked for Chris Christenson of Chistenson Surfboards for five years laminating and shaping. At Christenson's I was able tune in my shaping and glassing skills to a higher level. I was fortunate enough to be able to become friends with and learn from Skip Frye who was a next door neighbor of Christenson. I feel like my two biggest influence on my board design have been Chris and Skip. I owe them everything. Skip is still my next door neighbor after 15 years working at this location and has been a great source of surfboard information, surf history and how to be a good person. After working for Chris I took over his old factory in the Bay Park/Linda Vista area when he decided to move to San Marcos next to the iconic Moonlight Glassing in 2008. I have been working in the same location since then shaping and glassing all of my own boards.  From the first time I shaped a board in 1999 I wanted to know how to build it from start to finish. I thought all shapers knew how to do this so I felt like I needed to learn the best I could to make a showroom quality shape and glass job.  This limits production but controls quality, something that matters to me. I like to shape all kinds of boards from hi performance shortboards to 12' gliders, something that I was inspired by while working with Chris. I am not a big talker and prefer my work to do the talking.